What's been happening with Python Namibia

Pynam invites you to the meetup

  1. Who is the meetup aimed at?
    Everyone is invited to attend.
  2. What topics should be covered?
    The meetup will cover everything that relate to python.
  3. What’s the tone?
    A fun chat with friends, a serious technical group, getting to know each other well.
  4. What will the format of the event be?
    The event will be made up of presentations, lightning talks, group discussions and etc
  5. How long will the meetup run and when?

    The meetup will start:

    Time:17:30- 19:30
    Date: In July, date will be confirm to you soon


Are you planning to join us? Please let us know at Twitter: @PythonNamibia or by contacting us at +264 81 385 2246