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This is the website of the Python Society in Namibia. PyNam is the heart of the Namibian Python community..


This is the website of the Python Society in Namibia.

If you are a Namibian, or living in Namibia, and you're interested in learning how to program, this society is definitely for you. Please contact us if you're interested in finding out more about joining our society.



Once again the PyNam Scholars demonstrated that the skills they learn are quickly shared with new users and spread in the local community.

Namibia is an African country. The country is located in the western side of Africa on the Atlantic Ocean, just above South Africa. With a small population, the programming community here is small, but vibrant and growing.

Simataa PyNam Scholars

We open a new branch at Simataa Secondary School in Zambezi Region.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, suitable for a range of computing tasks. If you have any interest in learning to program a computer.

We have a strong focus on teaching school kids to program. In Namibia this is still an enormous challenge for many kids, who have extremely limited access to computers.


Attendee at PyCon Namibia 2019

PyCon Namibia

If you're not in Namibia, but interested in anything 'Python' in Namibia, you'll find some information here. You may be interested in the Namibia Pycon, our annual python conference.